When it comes to having access, teachers and parents everywhere stand united in their main concern: safety. Throughout their process of creating the program and the scholarship itself, Technology for the Future has catered to this concern, embodying it as one of utmost importance.
As Technology for the Future’s founder, Adrian Martinca, reaches out to community leaders, they often voice the same concern while simultaneously expressing the need to get the students connected. In the case of Greensboro Police Department’s Chief, Wayne Scott, however, the concern is that the lack of access limits the Department’s ability to communicate safety concerns: ” To connect on all levels is so important to keep people safer because, you know, we push out things from the police department, safety tips; we push out crime alerts and all those things.” It is for reasons like this one, where education and awareness directly affect the students’ safety in the outside world, that we need to act now and together.
“When you have someone in our community that is not able to connect, it’s a vulnerability for them.”–Chief Scott states in the interview. Technology for the Future stands by that as well, agreeing that in being able to connect their opportunities for creating a stable future for themselves, become vast. It is through our access to technology that many of us are able to find comfort and support, or even understanding, for our life’s goals and dreams.
The comfort that we have with using technology often stems from the trust in our own abilities to judge safe use. In a world whose social functions are becoming more and more dependent on technology, the lack of access needs to be addressed, especially with those that are destined to be our future leaders. Together, we can create a system of support that maximizes the safe and reliable devices for reaching their full potential. After all, “Education is the key to getting that good job, that stable future.”

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