OPEN Doors Initiative for Schools


Our Mission:

To empower and protect our future by making technology equally accessible to all students and teachers.

Through our OPEN Doors Contributions we can provide your school with devices for all your students for less than $50/student.

Words From Our Champions

Corporate Partners

“We want the children of our employees to have a successful education and we recognize that technology is playing an increasingly important role in the ability to have a successful education.”

Social Services

“You see the children that we serve often times lack the kinds of advantages that might lead them to realize the success in their current lives and in their futures. We are aware of that and we are trying to change it.”

Community Partners

“You never know in life what will trigger somebody’s curiosity or quest or what will change their life … bringing this opportunity to the kids … we hope it will make them curious and inspire them to do something different with their lives.”

Student Impact

“It has opened a whole new chapter where I will have all the answers I need, and within reach.”

Student Impact

“Through access to technology students can take their learning everywhere.”

Student Impact

“taught me to give back so that you can not only benefit you but also benefit your children’s children”

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