We are on a mission to connect every student in America with a laptop and the support to pursue their dreams. With the help of Champions in communities far and wide, we can inspire students to believe in their capability to turn their dreams and aspirations into a reality. This is our effort to create a brighter future for us all.

Will you be a Champion with us?


The Tybro Foundation


K-12 Victors

Students who have taken on the OPEN Doors Challenge! They will be the ones who are creating a brighter future for us all.


Champions are those who give Victors faith and provide the keys necessary to OPEN Doors to Victory for all students.

Champion Organizations

Champion organizations lead focused efforts to fuel the OPEN Doors Movement and support Victors in their local community.

Supporting Customers

Individuals, families, and organizations support our Victors through the purchase of affordable computers and more.


You want to take the first step to turn your dream into a reality. By completing the OPEN Doors Challenge you are choosing to fight for your dreams, and we want to help you in that process through our laptop scholarship.


OPEN Doors Challenge

Submit your challenge following our instructions, share your dream, how technology can help you achieve that dream and challenge 3 friends to do the same and walk out a door into the World of Opportunities.


Change the Future

Your dreams are the key to Change the Future, to show you that we will do everything possible to fight along your side, by connecting you with as many resources and tools such as laptops as we can to help you conquer your dreams.


Take on the Challenge

When you have the courage to share your dreams with others you have taken the first step to turning your dreams into a reality.


Empower your dream

Show that you believe in your dreams by sharing your challenge with others Champions give us keys to OPEN Doors to turning our dreams into reality.


You know the importance of believing in someone as the first step and Key to creating opportunities to Change the Future. You support your community and believe in equal access for students and families. So you empower our efforts to support students, through your advocacy and donations.


Award KEYS to Victors

Your engagement in our OPEN Doors Movement creates Keys for you to give to Victors. Use your keys to nominate Victors to receive their very own laptop by voting today.


Connect to the Power of 3

Recruit 3 Champions daily, weekly, or monthly to advocate the OPEN Doors Movement. By sharing our story, awarding keys to Victors, and connecting other Champions to our movement, we EMPOWER our capability to expand our efforts and Change the Future for millions of Victors and their families. With Champions in their lives Victors have the KEY to OPEN Doors to turning their dreams into a reality, bringing Victory for all.


Join the Movement

Register with us to be a Champion and engage to give faith to Victors to OPEN Doors and help conquer their dreams.


Involve your community

Register a group, organization, or community of Champions to come together and empower Victors in your community.


You believe in the need for students to have access to technology for their education. Your purchase from our laptop store helps fund our laptop scholarships, for students who have taken on the challenge and expressed the understanding of how a computer will help them achieve their dreams.


Find a Laptop

Explore the different options available, all our products come with a 1 year warranty!


Connect your community

Tell your friends, families, organizations, and even employers about our movement. So we can reach our goal to connect over 1 million students and families with technology.


Visit our Laptop Store

As a part of our National Digital Equity effort we want to help empower people and families with affordable technology.


Empower the Movement

A portion of all our sales go towards helping provide scholarships for Victors in our OPEN Doors Movement.


Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

Being able to support the children in our communities is one of the most important foundations for our future as a humanity. When we come together to ensure that "the future" has the resources for growth and innovation, we OPEN Doors to creating a better place for...

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A Collaboration for Boys and Girls Club

A Collaboration for Boys and Girls Club

After our visit with HPU’s Social Entrepreneurship class, a student and member of the rowing team opened doors to an opportunity for Technology for the Future, HPU and the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club (SABG) to collaborate and bring the children a few hours of...

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Using technology to bridge gaps

Using technology to bridge gaps

BY CINDE INGRAM ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER HIGH POINT — Equal access to technology can help bridge academic gaps for students in Guilford County Schools, connect families and is a goal driving Adrian Martinca...

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Words From Our Champions

Corporate Partners

“We want the children of our employees to have a successful education and we recognize that technology is playing an increasingly important role in the ability to have a successful education.”

Social Services

“You see the children that we serve often times lack the kinds of advantages that might lead them to realize the success in their current lives and in their futures. We are aware of that and we are trying to change it.”

Community Partners

“You never know in life what will trigger somebody’s curiosity or quest or what will change their life … bringing this opportunity to the kids … we hope it will make them curious and inspire them to do something different with their lives.”

Student Impact

“It has opened a whole new chapter where I will have all the answers I need, and within reach.”

Student Impact

“Through access to technology students can take their learning everywhere.”

Student Impact

“taught me to give back so that you can not only benefit you but also benefit your children’s children”

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